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Another fantastic fight dude!

Awesome stuff!

My mutuals: "I'm not into furry/feet/lads."

Me, after copying this video URL: "ARE YA' SURE, BUDDY?"

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Absolutely amazing.

Great visual style, awesome gameplay technique, and while I found the controls a little bit...emmm...backwards (more accustomed to ASDW than arrows) I got accustomed to them relatively quickly.

My favorite thing to do is juggle the bad guys across the landscape when they're flying through the air. It's fills my heart with wheeeeee!

I'm going to need surgery...

...To get this euphoric grin off my face.

The whole gaming experience can be summed up in just three words: Gurgling. With. Ecstacy.

Cute, fun, solid gaming experience from beginning to end. Awesome job, fellows! Props to Mike for the scrumptious narration in the beginning.

Love it. Great game!

Howdy ho Flash portal neighborino!

Really like how this game looks and plays. I like the very simple gameplay and objectives set forth, and it's also got some pretty addictive qualities! Even though the challenge ramps up quite a bit, the soothing tunes and pleasant visual style do a great job at keeping frustration at bay.

If I could dump a couple critiques, if you wouldn't mind...

I didn't notice the 'jump power' bar until after a few rounds in the game. I think a more visual representation of the robot charging up for a jump, like squishing down or his jets starting to glow, or just a simple arrow point up from his head like a trajectory arc, would really help drive the idea that holding down the jump button gives you a bigger jump. Another thing I found was the tutorial prompts seemed a bit jumbled and tough to read, and a lot of the introductory UI flow didn't flow too well (needs more negative spacing between the different visual elements).

Overall though, really liked it, showed it to the boys in the office, they got a kick out of it too.

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Sounds very Midi

Sounds like a midi file. It just doesn't have any boom, just very generic.

STU-PIDASO responds:

well, the original was (or at least the one i based it off of) 8 bit.
i wanted to keep that flavor with a twist.
i may create better orchestrated version someday.

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The colors, duke! The colors!

Good golly that dragon butt-squish, so soft yet so powerful looking!

Awesome character design, she's gorgeous!

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